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MiniHelpers Hydra S7 Robot Vacuum Reviews

Before we go into the full review and details of this amazing robotic vacuum cleaner, let me give you some tips of the iceberg.
The first iceberg of this device worthy of note is the fact that it’s the latest and best of its kind.

When you get this device in your possession, its LDS radar rangefinder does a 360 degree scanning, building of the map of your home in real-time through SLAM algorithm becomes automatic – enabling you to view routes and area divisions on your mobile phone.

Hydra S7 Robot Vacuum

With the smart planning of cleaning routes property of this device, you would not miss any corner and cleaning becomes more effective. The ability to navigate the device’s map via your smartphone is another brilliance with which you could choose a particular area or click a targeted spot on the map in App and set restricted areas for cleaning.

Hydra S7 robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a battery that runs up to 3 hours. And if the battery becomes low while the device is at work, it can automatically return to charging if plugged in, and would resume its cleaning from where it stopped as soon as it’s fully charged. When it comes to the water tank capacity, no need to worry as the device comes with a large 560ml water tank. It can comfortably cover 3 bedrooms and 2-hall house without having to refill.

Having had a taste of the iceberg, let us now descend fully on the fleshy and juicy details of this Hydra S7 minihelpers.


Now you can spend more time relaxing and doing every other thing you want while spending little or no time cleaning when you assign the task of vacuuming to the Robotic Hydra S7 Robotic Vacuum cleaner.

This ultra-strong robotic vacuum cleaner uses a large roller brush and 360 degree laser scanning to efficiently clean a greater space at once as it moves across the floor. It maps out the floor plan of your home as it rolls, and auto remembers it for next time to ensure efficient cleaning whenever in use. Choose where you would and where you wouldn’t want the robot to clean – for a customized experience.

Hydra S7 Mapping Function

Highlighted below are some significant features of Hydra S7 Robotic Vacuum cleaner;

  • 360-Degree Cleaning Capacities – Using the laser scanning, Hydra S7 robotic vacuum cleaner keeps tabs on the entire area around it and beneath it to suck up more dirt and debris at a time.
  • Laser View Mapping – As it moves, the robot cleaner maps out and calculates every inch of the color, its unique SLAM algorithm creating a real time copy of the floor plan for greater efficiency going forward.
  • Smart Technology Remembers Floor Plans – Each floor plan that it maps out throughout the entire house will be remembered for the future to ensure it does not miss a single section on any of its coverage areas, which helps to improve the efficiency of each cleaning.

Easily Set Your Own Cleaning Parameters – You can easily choose where you want the Hydra S7 robotic vacuum cleanaer to go and where you want it to avoid. With its fixedpoint scanning technology, the robot ignores any area of your home that you deem off point.

Other advanced features of this latest robotic vacuum cleaner Hydra S7 model are thus;

  • LDS radar and SLAM Mapping Technology – Accurate and precise mapping of the whole home, with the floor plan generated accurately in the APP. Several features in app include room recognition, spot cleaning, merge, divide and rename any area and schedule the robot to perform specific area cleaning as desired.
  • Multi Floor Plan Stored In The App – You can store up to five maps of different areas. In the interface you can zone, merge, divide, rename the rooms and save them and use the desired map of the area if you are bringing the robot to another home, level or office.
  • 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Mesh Connectivity – with the Wi-Fi mesh routes and faster 5G networks being rolled out, this is the first robot of its class that allows seamless connectivity to your home’s 5G networks. It will auto switch networks when out of range and can connect perfectly to your mesh network when in range.
  • Large 5800 MaH Samsung battery within capable of cleaning for up to 3 hours when fully charged.
  • Large suction power of 2300 Pa with 4 speed controls in the APP.
  • Water flow control via water pump in water tanks via APP. Back and forth Y-Shaped mopping designed to clean and remove tough stains.
  • 3 Tank/Bin Designs – Large 560ml water tank, 2-in-1 water tank for simultaneous mop and vacuum functions, and large dustbin for vacuum only.

The  latest Hydra S7 robotic vacuum cleaner comes with latest advance cleaning technology combined with a user App which focus mainly on the simplicity of the usage, giving the user the highest of controls. Both in terms of hardware and software, the latest Hydra S7 mini helpers is the only device that can bring to reality your imagination of the future a robotic cleaner can offer you and your home. And despite all its numerous great qualities, it goes for quite an affordable price. Not that it’s cheap, but it commands a great value for its worth.

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