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Welcome to Autovacstore.com, where robotic helpers free you from the chores.

We are the ultimate online portal for Robotic Cleaners. We ship our range of products in large quantities and aspire to give our customers the best prices possible for all robotic vacuums. We have a wide range of recognized models, and we pride ourselves in our ability to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of, Service, products and warranty with competitive pricing which others cannot offer. We always want to ensure our customers receive these great robot helpers promptly and with the best usage guide possible. As we are fellow users too and have a great enthusiasm in seriously helping you to keep your homes clean and free you and loved ones from the household chores!! Why are we able to give such good prices? We are wholesalers of Robotic cleaning products locally and internationally. Simply, we import stock in large quantities, and we do mean large. We ensure spanking new robotic vacuums from the best sources at the best prices. All stock sold within 3 months of manufacturing date. We constantly source from various markets to find the best prices of the same products, ensuring cost saving from best shipping rates and bulk purchases. All products are brand new, original and from the same manufacturer.



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We're have over 10 year of experiences in robotic vacuum.
Customer Cares
We pride ourselves in providing the best customer care services possible.
Free Delivery
Yes that right! At autovacstore we offer free delivery! Your order will be deliver to you within 2-3 working days.
On-Spot Servicing
Our repair service are carry out within 30 min, which mean you can bring on on the day itself
Exclusive Warranty
Feel safe with your purchase. We cover all product with 2 years warranty
Top Notch Support
All our customers are treated with respect and a sense of urgency. Get response within 2 min on our whatsapp/live chat support


"The Hydra S7 is a really great product! Not only that, I am glad that autovacstore also provided me a detailed support on how to pair it!"

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Brands We Carry