Exclusive Warranty

Exclusive Warranty

What is covered?

The Autovacstore.com limited warranty covers manufacturing defects and technical or mechanical faults that might occur during normal use of your robotic cleaner. We would cover you entirely for all parts and labour within the warranty period. Consumable components like brushes, filters and tanks are not covered. Defects resulting from improper maintenance, unauthorized repairs or failure to follow operational instructions are just a few of the items not covered. Damage caused by the use of accessories and parts, including batteries, that were not original voids the limited warranty.

So, if something that is covered does break, how do I get it fixed?

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your Robotic Cleaner within the warranty period. Just contact us to determine your problem and next steps. You can email us at admin@autovacstore.com. Our highly qualified, professional technicians can repair virtually any Robot fault using only genuine parts. Replacement parts and products assume the remaining original limited warranty.

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*Autovacstore.com reserves the right to offer a replacement unit or a full refund of the purchase price on faulty units at our discretion.