Autovacstore Gives Back


Autovacstore is the proud sponsor of AC Eusoffianos.
The champions of the Gold Arena Football League Sun AM Category Social Divsion Season 5!

AC Eusoffianos Team Photo

Congratulations to the AC Eusoffianos!

Wish the team great sporting success in the years ahead!


Yong-en Dementia Day Care Center
Our staff and team of volunteers visit homes and engage in community giving as and when possible.
The experience is definitely worthwhile and always a delight to watch the faces of the folks when the Robotic Helpers clean up the areas as we do our best to entertain and chat with the folks.

Heading Under Video

Autovacstore’s volunteer touching piano rendition of “月亮代表我的心”

Hobot window cleaning robotremoves the grime of the glass effortless and reaching the hard to reach corners

iRobot Scooba 450 and irobot Roomba 880 hard at work!

Gifts of Chinese New Year goodies and iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Cleaner presented to care center in-charge to assist in keeping the place nice and clean.


Autovacstore is honoured to supply these intelligent robotic cleaners to institutions and schools locally for Automation, Mechatronics and Robotic research and studies.

Hope the bright minds of the future can design and innovate better ideas to further improve lives and technology.


We all know housekeeping is a hard job and we have the utmost respect for all chambermaids who cleans and maintains the rooms and often have to do it in short and tight timings to ensure smooth hotel guest turnover. Autovacstore is proud to educate and provide the robotic cleaners which helps to assist them with the tasks.

Heading Under Video

Heading Under Video

Robotic cleaners assistance has improved the working environment of chambermaids at a local integrated resort hotel.

Autovacstore staff sharing the usage and maintenance guide of the robotic cleaners with a group of chambermaids.

From cleaning up crab shells and peanuts off carpets in restaurants chains and assisting chambermaids with the mundane task of keeping hotel rooms and corridors clean, these robotic helpers have indeed changed and improved the working environments of many people.